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Lucyd puts the world on your ears and in your eyes

Richard Sherman helped his fellow defenders on the football field for years. Now he's helping you experience the latest in technology through a pair of glasses in Lucyd.

Sherman has teamed with Lucyd - innovative Bluetooth enabled glasses, so get ready to upgrade your eyewear!

For just $99, you can own Lucyd Loud, a line of both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses that let you talk on the phone, listen to music and use a voice assistant!

Speakers near the ears make these glasses convenient for listening while on the go. Talk hands-free and wirelessly while wearing sophisticated/stylish eyewear or opt for clear lenses to protect against blue light and/or for your every day prescription glasses. The features on the glasses work when you need them to and flawlessly. If you ever wish you had an extra hand or additional fingers, the Lucyd offers some of that.

“Lucyd is an exciting new eyewear company,” said Sherman, who totalled 32 interceptions and has 99 pass break-ups in his NFL career. “ I believe they can become the go-to place for cutting-edge specs, both in style and tech. Their glasses are fun, affordable and a real upgrade to eyewear.”

You will look stylish in your pair of Lucyd Loud.

Lucyd Loud are innovative Bluetooth enabled eyewear that features:

Bone conduction speakers that deliver hi-fi audio! Great for talking on the phone, listening to music and using a voice assistant such as Suri! Option for prescription, clear, polarized, blue light blocking and more! Ability to “try on a pair” virtually via web cam! Charging cable, manual and case included! Recommended for iPhone 7 and newer and Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer Refer a friend and get 7% commission via

With Lucyd, you will not only upgrade your current eyewear, but you will upgrade your life.

Again, Prices start at $99- learn more on

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