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Powerful COAL chargers work with any device

Just bought a new phone or tablet? Bummed that you don't have the proper charging cord at work or to use with a charger in your car?

COAL is changing that mindset.

COAL brings you fast charging, simple power. Power Banks, Wall chargers and other accessories to be there when you are capturing that shot, finishing that project, breaking through the walls around you and reaching those who matter.

I bring a COAL charger with me on the road, to tradeshows, sporting events or when I'll be out of the office for the better part of the day. The COAL charges your phone in just 2 hours.

Mega Battery Capacity: 12000 mAh charges most smartphones 3 times, the largest tablet 1.2 times, or a smart watch 43 times.

You then recharge your COAL portable charger in 4 hours with the COAL fast charging wall adapter to get you out and about for your next errand, business meeting or flight!

You'll appreciate the 3-headed adapter cable — with micro, type C and lightning heads to meet all charging needs. Available in two sizes and 5 distinctive designs/color palettes.


The COAL Catalyst 8000mAh fully charges most smartphones 2.5 times, a tablet 1 time ($45) and the COAL Catalyst 12000mAh fully charges most smartphones 5 times, a tablet 2 times or a smartwatch 6 times ($55). Both chargers feature Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and INOV technology for optimal voltage.

Check out more on COAL at

You can also order any of the chargers on Amazon for under $60 here.

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