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President's Day Weekend shopping 'do's and dont's'

Presidents’ Day is the first big shopping event of the year, and generally offers huge discounts on big-ticket items for the home. These larger purchases are most often made with credit, which should be considered before spending big money on appliances, furniture, mattresses and more.

These insights below come from Ashley Dull, credit strategist at CardRates (

Appliance Purchase Do’s and Don’ts

DO take advantage of 0% APR financing DO use a credit card that offers extended warranty and/or purchase protection DON’T start appliance shopping without a set budget DON’T forget to account for the cost of delivery and installation

Mattress/Furniture Purchase Do’s and Don’ts

DO take advantage of special financing if you can pay it off in time DO use a big mattress or furniture purchase to earn a signup bonus DON’T pay interest if you don’t have to DON'T use the wrong card for your purchase

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