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Wilson Tennis releases 'Clash' racket after playtest after playtest

Technology changes in tennis can be a slow and tedious process. Wilson Tennis has has embraced the process and spent the last three years researching and developing a racket explicitly for the modern tennis swing. The new Clash racket has the ability to flex without compromising stability or power. This racket was born from hundreds of tennis players and thousands of hours of playtesting.

To create the Clash racket, Wilson LABS used motion capture technology to track swing planes and dimensionalize the modern player’s angle of attack, bringing to life how much more vertical it has become over time. This research, along with insights from hundreds of tennis players globally, led Wilson LABS researchers to evaluate ways they could alter conventional racket construction by providing a level of fluid movements to the frame.

The end result included two new technologies that comprise the make-up of the new Clash line. The first being the patent-pending FreeFlex Technology and the second being StableSmart Technology. These combined technologies provide the player an opportunity to control the directional accuracy and the depth of the shot.

“The Clash is a true revolution in the racket space,” said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager, Wilson Racquet Sports. “It is born from the feedback of hundreds of tennis players throughout the world and thousands of hours of playtests."

Two new technologies comprise Clash rackets.

The first is the brand’s patent-pending FreeFlex™ technology, which is a carbon mapping system that unifies carbon at unconventional angles throughout the rackets’ frame.

This frame allows players to swing more freely with more power and stability.

Playtest one and see what it does for your game.

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