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DISH adds 7000 new titles to On Demand library

DISH is adding 11 à la carte, on-demand subscription packages starting at $2.99 per month, giving customers flexibility to customize entertainment experience.

UP Faith & Family, Dove Channel, CuriosityStream and more subscription options join tens of thousands of

On Demand titles available for free, rent or purchase.

Get a free preview of on-demand subscriptions available to customers Feb. 4-10!

In total, DISH expanded its On Demand offerings by more than 7,000 titles after adding 11 à la carte on-demand packages that customers can subscribe to on a monthly basis. Starting at $2.99 per month, the new on-demand packages enhance DISH’s existing programming options by delivering catalogs of video content, including original series and documentaries from UP Faith & Family, Dove Channel, CuriosityStream and more. These on-demand subscriptions join the tens of thousands of on-demand movies, TV series and events available to DISH customers for rent, purchase or included with their channel package.

“DISH’s competitive On Demand universe is all-encompassing. Whether bingeing seasons of your favorite TV series on-demand or purchasing a digital copy of a new release movie, there are many avenues for customers to access the content they want, when they want it,” said Andy LeCuyer, DISH senior vice president of programming. “DISH offers the ability to choose between watching on-demand content that’s included in a channel package, renting or buying titles outright, and now adding and subtracting entire catalogs on a monthly basis.”

With DISH, customers can watch more than 70,000 of On Demand titles – including all content from the 11 subscription packages – both at home on a Hopper family set-top box, and while on-the-go with the DISH Anywhere app. The DISH Anywhere app gives all customers the ability to watch the on-demand titles associated with their programming package from virtually any location. The app is available on internet-connected mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, as well as televisions via Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

New on-demand content

The following commercial-free, on-demand subscriptions are now available to DISH customers starting at $2.99 per month. With the free preview, Feb. 4-10.

UP Faith & Family Dove Channel CuriosityStream Docurama Outside TV Features Comedy Dynamics Grokker Here TV Hopster Hi-YAH! CineFest

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