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Sprint Super Bowl upgrades are here to stay as 5G arrives

Sprint took media and dignitaries on a rooftop site tour in Atlanta on Thursday to show off the massive MIMO site that is on a rooftop in Centennial Olympic Park (near all of the Super Bowl action!).

Heather Campbell, Sprint Director for Network in the Southeast and Cyril Mazloum, Sprint Manager for Network in Atlanta led the way ahead of a big week in Atlanta and an upcoming important roll out of 5G.

Per Sprint:

Along with numerous upgrades to existing sites and the installation of hundreds of small cells across the city, we’ve also been rolling out our own MVP - Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology. For the more than one million football fans expected to be in the city, Massive MIMO will significantly increase capacity and provide faster speeds for more people.

Shown were the m-MIMO site and other radios that are 1.9 and 800 MHz radios that are still live and active but the new MIMO radio is on 2.5 GHz and faster and capable of providing more capacity.

More from Sprint:

It’s also the technology we’ve been installing ahead of the game that will be software upgradable when we’re ready to launch 5G in Atlanta. All of the upgrades we’ve made to our network in Atlanta are here to stay. What’s more, the innovative Massive MIMO units we’ve deployed are capable of simultaneously supporting both 4G LTE and Sprint 5G with a simple software upgrade when we launch our blazing-fast new service in Atlanta in a few months!

Sprint customers are no doubt looking for great connectivity come Super Bowl Sunday and into the future as we all start using 5G.

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