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New Kingston products have the traveler in mind

80% of Americans are slated to take a trip in 2019. Whether it's for business or pleasure, they all will be bringing multiple gadgets along for the ride and their stay.

Kingston is the largest independent maker of memory and technology products that work the way they are billed and supposed to work, has some new products out for 2019 that travelers and those that need to be mobile will love.

“We’re not content on standing pat with any of our products, no matter how good they are,” said Richard Kanadjian, encrypted USB business manager, Kingston “The data protection provided by IronKey D300 is already top notch, and we’ve listened to requests from our customers. These two enhancements in the D300 series add to its industry-leading data-protection capabilities. With Kingston’s 30-plus years of expertise in quality technology solutions behind it, along with the latest NAND Flash memory and controller technology, users of any D300 drive can rest assured that their confidential data and information are well protected from the risks and threats associated with loss, theft, or stolen digital devices.”

Here's what's new:

Kingston IronKey D300S encrypted USB drive

It’s a new serialized version with features that further enhances the drive’s already advanced level of security to safeguard sensitive data.

Key new features include: Virtual Keyboard: Enables users to enter a password via mouse clicks, instead of using a physical keyboard; this reduces the risk of a key logger software recording the password being keyed in. Unique serial-number and barcode printed on drive: Network administrators can simply read or scan the code instead of plugging in a drive to learn its unique serial number.

Kingston Nucleum: 7-in-1 USB hub

Use the mouse, monitor, and accessories you've grown to love with your new notebook. With a single USB-C hub you can connect up to 7 devices at once and keep your creativity flowing. The Nucleum has you covered whether you want to connect to a larger monitor or need to offload footage. With the Nucleum you can also power up your MacBook while also running your external hard drive and charging an iPhone.

Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Dual: Small, easy to carry storage drive with large capacity

Don’t let running out of storage keep you from capturing that perfect moment. The Bolt is an easy way to extend storage space to your iPhone® or iPad®. Think of it like a flash drive for your iPhone. Simply plug it in, download the Bolt app*, and then back up your camera roll to the expanded memory.

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