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Kam Chancellor goes from football to shoe fashion

Football great, Kam Chancellor is shifting his focus from football to fashion with a debut footwear collection in partnership with Chicago-based men's shoe company Marc Nolan.

Chancellor has had an impressive career as starting strong safety for the Seattle Seahawks and was a key member of the Legion of Boom. After being placed on the Seahawks' reserve roster due to neck injuries that prevented medical clearance to play, Chancellor said he is pursuing his passions for business, mentorship and fashion. As he and Tiffany have been exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities, it's been their ultimate goal to create a line of shoes that are accessible to their young fans and followers. Chancellor said he valued Marc Nolan's luxury aesthetic and affordable prices, which retail at a maximum of $155. His debut collection will be available for pre-sale in February at

The Chancellors will partner with Marc Nolan founder Sebastian Malczewski to design three styles for an eponymous collection that will debut in February with the Spring/Summer product line.

Of Malczewski, Chancellor said: "He is a great guy, with a lot of knowledge and background in the shoe industry; he appreciates fresh designs. We have been working to get this line off the ground and are excited to share it."

The men's shoe company also has plans to debut women's styles in collaboration with Tiffany Chancellor, in fall 2019. Tiffany said her design approach in the forthcoming collection will pay equal attention to practicality and style, in which the shoes are "feminine and sophisticated, yet comfortable and versatile."

"I'm looking forward to the challenge of creating a true 'his-and-hers' line of shoes that is individually suitable for a man or woman, yet together are a uniquely designed and unified pair," Tiffany said.

The Chancellors have stronger ties to the fashion industry than mere interest. Tiffany began modeling at age 3 and pursued it as a career after graduating college. She has since done commercial modeling for companies like K-Mart, Sketchers and Toyota. Kam has appeared on the runway at New York Fashion Week. The couple also attended shows and events at both Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks earlier this year.

Now is the perfect time to venture into a collaboration with a fashion brand since they not only have more time to devote to the design process, but they also value the opportunity to explore creativity and learn business principles together.

"Doing a shoe line together is a part of who we are as a married couple, and it speaks to how much we like to work together," the Chancellors said. "'His and Hers' is another form of unity."

The Chancellor Collection by Kam Chancellor will become available for preorder on in February 2019.

Marc Nolan brings well-crafted shoes to fashionable men for modest prices. Established in 2017, Marc Nolan began as a labor of love dedicated to founder Sebastian Malczewski's son Nolan. Proudly designed in Chicago, the company gives customers a luxury shopping experience without the cost. Every day, with every step on your journey – think style, think Marc Nolan.

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