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StallMATE may solve the problem of losing your mobile device while using the toilet

Teacher and first responder invent cell phone holder door lock for restrooms.

"A place to put your phone while using the throne"

"You'll never GO without it"

Therese Valdez, a high school calculus teacher in NY, came up with the idea of a public restroom door lock, which holds your phone to solve the problem of her students forgetting their cell phones in public restrooms. Therese, with the help of her associate, John Lynn–a retired Police Officer with a mechanical and construction background, developed the StallMATE™– the only smart phone holding device that is also the door lock so you won't forget your phone. The idea was created to give you a safe, hygienic and conspicuous place to hold your phone while using the bathroom. In fact, your phone becomes part of the door lock.

In 2012 CBS News revealed that 75% of Americans used their phone while in the bathroom, and only 3 years later Verizon Wireless conducted a survey of more than 6,000 responses In 2015 that revealed that the number has jumped to 90% of people. Of the people who bring their phone to the bathroom about half of them drop it on the floor, in the toilet or forget their phone when they walk out! The need for this solution is great especially among mobile phone users ages 14-75.

The company StallMATE™ LLC., is now manufacturing these devices for use in public bathroom settings. Architects, general contractors, commercial builders/developers and partition installers are the ideal customer for these devices. They can be produced in almost all plastics or metal materials and come in a rainbow of colors. For more information or to place an order for your public restroom visit or call our Chief Marketing Officer at 917-673-1526.

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