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Bongmi showcases both children's and women's tech at CES

Bongmi had a lively booth at CES 2019 as it extends its range of Digital Healthcare devices and apps to optimize children’s nutrition and healthcare and help women understand their reproductive cycle with accuracy.

The BonBaby Smart Growth Tracker records child height and weight over time, allowing comparisons with World Health Organization data to show early signs of malnutrition.

The Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker collects reproductive health data and builds a picture which allows the time of peak fertility to be anticipated with precision.

Women and Kids empowered with data on their own health: Big Data analysis is now used routinely to provide very personalized, tailored health and wellbeing recommendations.

Bongmi, the Digital Healthcare software and device company, launched its first ever Smart Ovulation Tracker for women, and showcases the latest version of its Smart Growth Tracker for kids at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Here's what we all saw:

The Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker helps women understand their menstrual cycle. It comprises a device which measures hormones in urine to determine the time of optimum fertility in a woman’s menstrual cycle. It collects data from the analysis which is saved to the accompanying app to present a historic and graphical record, which helps predict the most fertile time in a monthly cycle.

The device houses an LED light and contains a removable test strip. The test period starts from 5 to 12 days into the menstrual cycle, during which time the test strip is placed in urine (either for 3 seconds in direct flow or 15 seconds if captured in a container) to measure estrogen levels and LH concentration. The test paper is analysed using photoelectric recognition and the results uploaded to the cell phone using Bluetooth. After 5 minutes, the LED shows “Low Fertility”, “High Fertility” or “Peak Fertility”. “Peak Fertility” days are the ones where the chances of becoming pregnant are highest, helping the woman make the conceive-or-avoid decisions which are right for her.

Upgrades to the Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker due March 2019 will include measurement of four further hormones: HCG, for early pregnancy detection, FSH (an indicator of ovary health), PdG and E2G to provide even more accuracy in tracking and prediction.

The Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker compliments Bongmi’s existing Femometer device, a thermometer which promotes the Fertility Awareness Method by measuring Basal Body Temperature (BBT), claiming an effectiveness of 99%.

The BonBaby Smart Growth Tracker helps understand and manage the nutrition of growing children. It comprises scales with a flexible, extensible tape ruler connected to a hand-held measurement device. The child stands on the scales and the measurement device is placed on top of the head, recording the child’s height and weight in one easy movement. An LED on the device immediately displays the child’s height and synchronizes with the mobile app to record and chart the information which is compared to the Child Growth Standards to indicate if weight and height are appropriate for the child’s age and gender. The app then provides tailored recommendations.

The World Health Organization established the “Child Growth Standards” in 2006 to help improve child malnutrition, reduce obesity, encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of mothers by showing the effects of smoking. The Child Growth Standards show that across large populations, regionally and globally, average growth is remarkably similar and they prove that differences in children's growth to age five are more influenced by nutrition, feeding practices, environment and healthcare than by genetics or ethnicity. With these new standards, parents, doctors, policymakers and child advocates will know when the nutrition and healthcare needs of children are not being met. Undernutrition, overweight and obesity, and other growth-related conditions can then be detected and addressed at an early stage.

The BonBaby measurement device measures in inches or centimeters up to 180cm and in 0.2cm increments. It is 95mm x 90mm x 29mm and requires two AAA batteries. It functions to an incredible accuracy of +/- 2mm in height and +/- 50g in weight.

The BonBaby Smart Growth Tracker and the Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker will be demonstrated on Bongmi’s booth at CES Sands Expo Level 2, Booth no. 43474

The Bongmi team will show how easy it is to use the app to collect data and present it in a visual, easy-to-understand way to help make future lifestyle decisions.

Xiaodu Lou, Bongmi CEO said: “From our inception as a company, we have been dedicated to helping kids, couples and families with young children to better manage their health and wellbeing using the power of the cell phones they hold in their hand every day. We can capture health data so accurately and compare it to world standards to be able to see immediately if we need to make corrections and adjustments in our lifestyle, our food or sexual activity to help us make better life decisions”

Pricing And Availability

The BonBaby Smart Growth Tracker model BF1513-01 and app retails at $89. The app operates on Apple’s iPhone 5 or above with version at least iOS 8.0 and Android devices running Android 4.3 or above. The app supports Bluetooth 4.0/4.1.

The Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker model FM-105 will be available in March 2019 on Amazon from $39 to $89 per month on Apple’s iPhone 5 or above with version at least iOS 8.0 and Android devices running Android 4.3 or above. The app supports Bluetooth 4.0/4.1.


Information on the Child Growth Standards are available on the World Health Organization website at

Bongmi is a mobile internet company dedicated to the digital health of women and children. Its vision is to make the world healthier, and it has the mission to help everyone quantify their health data. Since its formation in November 2014, the company has developed a number of smart health products, including a women's basal thermometer, to help users from over 100 countries quantify their own health. The company plans to continue developing high-quality intelligent hardware products, building global human health big data, and providing users with digital health services in combination with AI and IoT technology, striving to enable everyone to scientifically quantify their own health data to make the whole world a healthier one.

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