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myCharge uses CES to offer a glimpse at 2019

Charging your devices with SafetyNew chargers from myCharge in 2019 will be smaller, faster and will meet myCharge safety standards.

myCharge offered a look at 2019 during CES.

PowerDisk+ for $49.99

A wireless charging pad that offers the fastest wireless charge available. This high-end charging pad is optimized to charge wireless devices quickly, delivering up to 10 Watts of wireless output. The 18 Watt adapter is complete with Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge and will be 4.0. Set your wireless-enabled smartphone on the secure non-slip base and charging begins on contact. The grip keeps your device in place and continually charging. Charge up to two devices with the bonus USB port on the wireless charging pad.

Smartphones are becoming more powerful, feature rich and battery hungry as users demand more and more from them throughout the day. To keep up with consumer demand myCharge dedicates itself to always being on the cutting-edge by incorporating the latest battery technologies into its chargers before consumers can even own the upcoming compatible device.

Coming to the myCharge line in 2019 is the Qualcomm® Quick Charge 4.0 in addition to enhancing its Apple compatible chargers with USB C and Lightning charging options in one convenient device.

New chargers will also be introduced into existing product lines that can be recharged by USB-C or Lighting cables, eliminating the need for additional cords just for the charger itself.

A new ultra-efficient battery technology is also on the horizon, that will allow for the debut of the smallest 20,000 mAh charger myCharge has ever created.

Racing to be the first-to-market with the latest charging technologies leads some companies to take shortcuts in design and manufacturing that can result in battery malfunction. myCharge always puts safety at the forefront, designing its batteries with 12 layers of protection, including defense against overheating and overcharging. Batteries used in myCharge devices are certified and pass National Analysis Center (NAC) performance and safety standards.

“Safety and being the first the innovate have always been pillars of the myCharge brand,” said myCharge President Jim Dara. “In 2019 our customers can look forward to more flexible charging options that eliminate needing to carry different cords to charge your device and power bank, as well as more options for wireless charging, faster charging, even solar. Charging has never been so easy.”

Here's a snapshot of another new offering soon from myCharge. It's called the Powerstation

As always, check out myCharge products, at

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