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Urban Canopee bringing plant canopies to CES and the masses

The fight against the effect of climate change is the most important fight of our generation. Cities deal with many factors between being too dense, too mineral and vulnerabilities against heat peaks and pollution. A company called Urban Canopee is working to provide an innovative solution by deploying plant canopies.

Urban Canopee proposes its vegetated canopy and modular to fight against the peaks of heat and pollution. They have a goal called the “25% Target”, where if 25% of the surface of the cities were vegetated, the effect on the fall of the temperatures would be 6-8℉. They are proposing to accelerate the revegetation of the available surfaces and to conquer new spaces on the ground, on the roof and wherever trees can not grow.

“Our green canopies work independently, thanks to a solar kit and a connected irrigation system, to create natural islands of freshness in urban areas,” says Hubery Michaudet, Co-founder and CEO of Urban Canopee.

Urban Canopee plans to deploy their solutions to wherever cities need them in order to cool ambient air, capture greenhouse gases and many atmospheric pollutants. Their first product, Corolle, is an ideal support for growing climbing plants in the city. The plants will take root in a pot containing soil and a water reserve of 200 L, with a solar kit and a smart and connected irrigation system. A mobile application will be giving access to all information including temperature and air quality under the canopy.

The plants on Corolle will grow on flexible frames of composite material that are four times lighter than steel. It has a minimal footprint on the ground with 1m in diameters and can vegetate up to 50m² of urban space. It also has a CO2 storage capacity equivalent to that of 2 trees, allowing for improvement of air quality. Urban Canopee plans to test its two first projects in France (Paris and Toulouse) in 2019. Their solution will help maintain biodiversity and, more generally, the quality of life in the city.

If you are attending CES 2019, you can visit the Urban Canopee to learn more about their company at Tech West, Sands Expo, Level, Hall G, Booth #50241.If you would like more information about Urban Canopee you can visit their website at You can stay up to date by following them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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