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Solo New York introducing new bag collections at CES 2019

I use a Solo New York backpack and it's great. They have more innovative bags being introduced at #CES2019.

Solo New York is one of the fastest-growing bag brands in the United States. In 2018, the brand's Duane Hybrid Backpack / Briefcase became the top-selling laptop bag in the entire US, according to data from NPD Group. NPD also reports that several other Solo New York bags are in the top five for different laptop bag categories, and the brand's on-the-go styles are resounding with young professionals who value Solo's unique mix of style, function, and value.

At CES 2019, for the first time Solo will be profiling Triumph, a stunning women's-specific collection of sleek black bags, muted branding, and - true to Solo's design core - all the necessary pockets and protection for laptops, tablets and other technology. Triumph's CES debut is for retailer partners only, and will be available to consumers later in 2019.

The brand will also be showing the new TSA-checkpoint friendly Nomad Collection as well as new pieces that will expand the sporty, collegiate-themed Varsity Collection.

Solo New York is excited to welcome thousands of visitors to its new physical presentation that will be revealed for the first time at CES 2019. Paying tribute to the brand's urban roots and progressive designs, Solo New York's new booth presentation has been reimagined into an architectural statement, integrating shipping containers, reclaimed materials, and other accents that create an engaging display of the new styles and reflects the tech-savvy creative professionals who they appeal to.

"The Solo team is extremely excited to have so much to show and talk about at CES 2019, and these are just a few of the projects we have in the works for 2019," said Serkan Ozturkcan, Solo New York Vice President of Marketing. "The Solo New York brand has come a long way in our ten years. The new Triumph Collection demonstrates how we approach design from the customer's standpoint to bring together the best possible mix of style, substance and value, and our new booth concept captures the urban spirit of the brand and of our customers."

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