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Football legends take on ALS in new DVD

Football players are among the toughest athletes you will find anywhere. So many of your favorite San Francisco football legends are lending their stories to a new DVD where all the profits will be donated to the ALS Golden West Chapter in California.

"San Francisco Football Legends Take On ALS: True Stories for Fans" is a new documentary that's loaded with riveting backstories as told by 27 legendary 49er football players, including Y.A. Tittle, R.C. Owens, Monty Stickles, Bruce Bosley, Alyn Beals, Abe Woodson, Bob St. Claire, Gordy Soltau, Delvin Williams, Ted Connolly, Bruce Gossett, the very first owner of the 49ers, Franklin Mieuli, and many more. Fans of football history and especially those that have followed Bay Area football with want to watch this over and over again.

It's rare you get to hear straight from the mouths of football legends their favorite memories on and off the field. But that's exactly what fans get! And it's fascinating, endearing and entertaining.

This never-before-seen footage is endearing and entertaining. Hear R.C. Owens explain how the ‘Alley Oop’ came to pass, or Leo "The Lion" Nomellini, star tackle, talk about his famous fumble and other anecdotes.

The DVD is laced with fascinating footage, too. John Brodie submitted training footage when he held classes at his home for teammates. Matt Hazeltine’s daughter sent photos of her father’s memorabilia. The NFL granted permission for use of images and on field footage. And fans sent in their photos as well. It's guaranteed you will learn something new from this DVD and gain even a deeper appreciation of the greats that played the game.

Narration by veteran Bay Area sports journalist Mark Purdy is on point and all profits from the sale of the DVD will be donated to ALS Golden West Chapter and earmarked for research. The DVD is dedicated to Dwight Clark and all who have suffered from this horrible disease – families included.

Fans can purchase the DVD at All proceeds except shipping costs will be donated to ALS research.

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