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'Living in Digital Times' always a hit at CES

Living in Digital Times, LLC (LIDT), a partner program of CES™, has shared their top trends for Families, Kids, Babies, Beauty and Innovators at CES® 2019 (January 7-12 in Las Vegas). Every year CES explores how new technology trends in family, health, money, and retail, affect many vertical markets as well as our daily lives.

Top trends and highlights for 2019 include:

Sensors Get Superhuman Powers when Backed By AI/Machine Learning

Sensors have influenced our lives for a while -- clocking our steps, finding a recipe, monitoring our health, and driving our cars. But this year's newfound power for all things family and home related come from predictive analytics. What time do you usually do something? What's abnormal behavior? These devices are monitoring you and making sure all is copacetic.

Young Families Learn from Tech the Way They Once Learned from their Parents Is my ultrasound normal? How to breastfeed? Can I watch my baby even though I am rooms away? How bad is that fever? Sensors and Bluetooth once again are built into an array of devices designed to give young families peace of mind.

Kids Tech Toys are Forgoing Screens

Robots, voice-enabled assistants, AR and VR experiences, learning coding -- today's kids are used to roaming the world freely, untethered to devices. And so, the newest tech toys for kids tend not to have screens that force them to stay in one place. Tech becomes an adjunct to their lives. The argument about screen time and kids is becoming more and more specious.

Tough World Problems Getting Solved By Smart Kids

Today's teenager is already comfortable with machine learning, AI and creative problem solving, when given the right opportunities. The winners of Living in Digital Times' 2019 Young Innovators to Watch awards are all but 17 years old and tackling global problems like dementia, quantum computing, and blockchain.

Privacy vs. "Free" is the Challenge for High Tech Families

The more time families spend on social media, the more they shop online and the more they become targets for identity theft. Today the tradeoff is that you freely give up personal information in exchange for the freedom to communicate and surf the web. Many say this current paradigm has had its heyday and a new one awaits.

Talking Across Generations

As boomers (the first generation of home tech users) begin to retire and GenZ begins having their own kids, the need for intergenerational communications, play and experiences is stronger than ever.

To learn more about how these trends will be discussed at conferences, exhibits and awards events during CES 2019 visit Living in Digital Times.

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