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LumiCharge 2.0 to hit CES

One of my favorite devices of 2018 is getting a refresh for 2019.

It's no secret that I like devices that can multi-task and that's just what the LumiCharge does.

The LumiCharge LED desk lamp is a versatile addition to any work area, office, or bedroom, providing dimmable lighting in a sleek design with high functionality. The included universal phone battery charger and two extra USB ports are perfect for families and people with various devices to charge. This innovative LED desk lamp with modern features aids nighttime reading, studying, and general work with illuminating delight.

And more is coming at CES in January:

"At CES, we are more than excited to show our upcoming 2.0 version of LumiCharge and also have an opputunity to show our future products in adding a multifunctional product to our digital lifestyle. A multifunctional LED Lamp with universal phone charging solution integrated. The LumiCharge helps with consolidating your accessories and devices and serves more than one purpose."

From the construction to the materials used to the functionality, LumiCharge products are hard to beat, especially at their great price points.


Mood Lighting

With 3 Different hues and 10 levels brightness, Lumicharge is the perfect solution for doing homework at a desk or reading in bed.

Motion Sensor

With the built-in motion sensor you never have to worry about running into anything in the dark again. When you enter a room Lumicharge will light up to show you the keys to turn the on light.

LumiCharge products are viable for every room in your home or office.

See more at and stay tuned for CES coverage and how you can soon get your LumiCharge 2.0.

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