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BLADETAP is a 3-in-1 razor unclogger, sharpener and holder

I found a device that will let you get the most out of your razor.

BLADETAP is the 3-in-1 razor tool that unclogs, holds and sharpens your blades all in one! Finally a solution for getting rid of the gunk that builds up in your razor allowing for a smoother shave. Simply tap your blades on the brushes, and easily rinse away the buildup that clogs your favorite razor. And it's under $20.

3-in-1 Razor Unclogger, Sharpener and Holder. Cut your shaving time in half, save money and water, sharpen your blades for a smooth and close shave each time you lather up.

The unclogger brush is genius. The blades of your razor immediately become more efficient with removal of the stuck gunk. Tap the head of the razor gently on the brush in a downward and upward direction to unclog.

Shavers also have use of the sharpening pad. The pad isdesigned specifically to polish and sharpen the microscopic nicks on the blades as you press and slide firmly on the honing pad. This can give your blade weeks of extra live.

The BLADETAP will hook on to a wall or it also has a suction feature.

BLADETAP comes in different colors depending on your taste or the theme of your bathroom.

Order your BLADETAP here.

BLADETAP features:

Built in brush easily clean your blades! Conveniently mounts to a wall or shower keeping your razor handy! Sharpens your blades and extends the life of your razor! Allows razor to properly dry and avoid bacteria growth! vrbjfStMr7-RKhbjFHFHgnRicfpEgRqnLzF1gtsPkGwO-YdXWivj8rdDjdxg8-dCkzKnpLoEx2NFzpLfBDYcWAirRK8DK4eTQLqhoDuRuepajfGijqIKnkMp9COAS8N45fOxgJxL Makes shaving faster, cleaner and easier! Avoid dull blades while saving money by extending the life of your razor! BLADETAP is the simple 3-in-1 solution to make your morning shave smoother!

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