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Great sound and FM radio with the Soundot AF1 FM

Earbuds that sound good? Count me in! iPhone-users will love the crisp, clear sound ranging from rich bass to detailed treble with the Soundot AF1 FM Headphones ($80) that feature a 15mm woofer and 7mm tweeter dual-driver design. They’ll be able to take calls, listen to music and talk to Siri, and as a bonus, they won’t miss a beat if they’re without internet.

Side note: Some Androids contain activated FM chips to access FM radio without internet, but iPhones do not, so users who want FM radio must stream it which has delays and drains their data and battery.

The Soundot AF1 FM-ers will be able to tune directly into FM radio via the built-in FM receiver, even when they don’t have internet connectivity. This could be useful if out in the country or in an emergency where there is no internet, or if users just want to listen live to sports, music, or talk shows without using their data.

The in-ear headphones feature the ability to make custom sound effects, including a six-band equalizer (EQ), bass/treble/vocal adjustments, a 3D mode for surround-encoded soundtracks, and presets optimized for acoustic, classical, dance, electro, jazz, Latin, metal, piano, pop, rock, and R&B music.

“We developed the SOUNDOT headset family so that consumers can enjoy powerful and clear sound performance every day, and to ensure they never miss a beat if they lose internet,” said Mr. Chih-Hsu Yen, executive vice president, Blackloud. “Even without internet users can tune directly into FM radio to listen live and compression free to sports, music, weather and even emergency broadcasts.” Listening to FM radio via the built-in chip uses no mobile data, saves battery life, and eliminates the delays of streaming.

The ability to get FM reception can come in handy.

Guaranteed FM reception prepares users for crises if connectivity fails. Craig Fugate, former head of FEMA, cites a lesson learned. “I believe everyone’s emergency kit should include something to access broadcast radio, be it a battery-operated / hand-crank radio, or an FM-enabled device. It is easy to trust that our smartphone, the internet or pay-TV will be there when we need critical information. However, our cellular or TV systems often go down, leaving us in the dark literally and figuratively. It happened to me during Hurricane Irma. Good thing I had a battery-powered radio – it was the only news source I had.”


Dual drivers -15mm woofer and 7mm tweeter - deliver dynamic sound range from rich bass to detailed treble

Built-in FM receiver accesses FM radio using the headset’s wire which serves as an antenna

SOUNDOT app “control center” customizes the listening experience (sets sound effects) and controls the

FM tuner (scans and saves stations to one of six presets) 3-button remote switches between phone or video calls, apps, the FM tuner and activates Siri Comfort fitting in-ear headset Inline microphone Apple® MFi™ (Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod) certification

Customizable sound effects set in the app and saved into the headset travel with it for users to enjoy across other music apps and iOS devices:

6-band equalizer (EQ) delivers broad spectrum sound 1

1 music settings optimized for acoustic, classical, dance, electro, jazz, Latin, metal, piano, pop, rock and R&B

Bass, treble and vocal adjustments

3D surround sound for surround-encoded shows and movies

Also available on Amazon. This may be the best $80 you spend all year long.

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