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A holiday pick me up with Grass Fed Coffee

I've recently been introduced to artisanal butter coffees. Made in smaller batches allow for more attention to detail, resulting in a higher quality, superior tasting, and functioning product. It's a great "pick up" around the holidays when you may get a little run down.

Grass Fed Coffee brings the warmth and care of your local coffee shop, combined with the finest ingredients, with the convenience of a ready to drink butter coffee.

And it's very tasty.

Grass Fed Coffee is the world’s first ready-to-drink butter coffee. Each single-serve 8oz bottle contains a creamy blend of organic cold-brewed coffee, grass fed butter, and coconut MCT oil.

This convenient option supplies the same mental clarity, sustained physical energy, and healthy metabolic state for weight loss as homemade butter coffee—without the time consuming process of home brewing.

Grass Fed Coffee is crafted in small batches, allowing extra attention to detail and ensuring the highest quality product every time.Pricing: $4.99 per bottle, 3pk Case: $16.47, 12pk Case: $65.88. Also makes a great holiday gift.

Availability: Grass Fed Coffee is available at Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, Amazon, and

Just grab, shake, and go!

About Grass Fed Coffee

At Grass Fed Coffee, we set out to deliver all the benefits of butter coffee in a convenient ready to drink way.

The journey began in 2014 when our founder John "Sonic" Ban learned about the powerful benefits of butter coffee. A close friend lost 40 lbs of fat in only 5 months, after drinking butter coffee and adopting the Ketogenic lifestyle.

Shocked and intrigued, Sonic began making butter coffee every morning in place of breakfast. He immediately noticed a mental clarity and focus never experienced before, and his customary morning brain fog disappeared!

Additionally, he felt satiated well past lunchtime, with stable energy all day long! A few months later, Sonic observed his body fat had dropped significantly, and he even had a visible six pack*!

The results were incredible, but Sonic was irritated by the time needed to make butter coffee every day, cleaning up after, and needing to restock ingredients and equipment.

This was the beginning of Grass-Fed Coffee.

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