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COPYTRACK looks to stop image theft on the internet

Three billion images are shared every day and about 85% of them get stolen. COPYTRACK is the solution for those in need of finding stolen images and enforcing copyright. The company is leading worldwide image copyright enforcer that allows users to assert their rights easily and without risk. The service is offered free to photographers, publishers, news, photo agencies and e-commerce providers.

The COPYTRACK service allows people across different industries to find and enforce international image theft on the Internet without the use of expensive lawyers. The service is free with a paid portion of the fees only going to the company if collected. You simply submit a claim, and COPYTRACK takes care of the rest for you. They track images through its proprietary “Reverse Image Search Engine Technology,” which has an accuracy of 98% for found image duplicates on the internet.

When commercial damages occur, COPYTRACK stands up for the images right of their customers. Users upload images (unlimited image uploads is available) to be search and then the company will analyze hits, filter functions, whitelist and then will set up a claim. A post-licensing offer is sent to the image user an in-house agreement portal where all evidence and offers can be conducted. If post-licensing fails, there are further options for users to uphold their rights, where COPYTRACK experts will step in to contact you.

You can sign up for COPYTRACK for free to see if your photos are being used, register on their website. If you would like more information you can visit their website at You can also keep up to date with them by following them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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