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SCOUT is the portable charger you've been waiting for

I've been looking for a portable charger that does it all. I've been looking for years... until now.

Just like the Boy Scouts like to "Be Prepared," your SCOUT charger will have you prepared and fully charged.

The SCOUT family has a charger for every need.

World's Most Versatile Charger. Fully loaded with a built-in wall charger, built-in cables, quick-charging USB Port, and proprietary intelligent charging technology. Incredibly slim design weighs in at 3 ounces.

It checks all the boxes.

Compatible with iPhones and Androids. ✅ Built-In: AC Plug ✅ Built-In: Lightning Cable ✅ Built-In: USB C Cable ✅ Built-In: Micro USB Cable ✅ Built-In: 2.1 Amp USB Port ✅ Built-In: Micro USB Charging Port ✅ Built-In: Power Bank ✅ Built-In: QI Wireless Charging (on Wireless Model)

Recharge with Wall Socket or Micro USB Cable. Ultra Lightweight. Built-In Power Bank, Charge With Built-In Cables or 2.1 Amp USB Port. No need to carry around messy cables or chargers to keep your iPhone, iPad, or Android fully charged.

Now there is no excuse to not having a full charge.

Just plug it into the wall when you need a charge - and with its built-in cables that get tucked away when not in use, its not only streamlined, but can accommodate all your charging needs - no matter the device. Perfect for home, travel or off the grid.

Back SCOUT on Indiegogo here.

The SCOUT is light, thin, takes up little space and charges devices quickly. Imagine not having to carry an array of cables on your next trip. Take a SCOUT and have peace of mind.

It's the one charger you need for 2019. On second thought, buy two!

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