Get the best tasting glass of wine with Üllo Wine Purifier

True wine connoisseurs are a picky bunch. And for good reason as wine can be expensive and they don't want to waste a drop.

So having the perfect glass of wine is always the goal and it's also the mission of Üllo, a Chicago-based startup that believes its products can bring back wine to it's natural state.

If you are looking to enjoy "wine as wine" give the Üllo Wine Purifier – Available at,,,, and more This stylish wine purifier improves the taste of wine by removing sulfites via Selective Sulfite Capture technology as well as separating out sediment. To purify wine simply place the aerator on top of a wine glass or carafe and pour through. The handsome design features a display base that captures drips and stores neatly.· Offers a patented adjustable on/off aerator· Dishwasher safe and make from BPA-free materials· Comes with Üllo Wine Purifier, Travel Bag, and Soft-touch display base· 6 Selective Sulfite Capture™ full bottle filterso Üllo filters are made in the USA.

Üllo is a revolutionary tool for red and white wine drinkers alike. Suffer from wine headaches? It turns out, the loads of preservatives in that glass of wine are causing you pain. Üllo brings the natural flavors out of every glass of wine, providing the ultimate wine experience while allowing consumption without the headache.

Acting as both a sulfite filter and an aerator, Üllo can conveniently travel with you to happy hour with your friends or date night with your partner. Whether you’re pouring a glass for yourself or a bottle for a group, Üllo is the perfect gift for any food and wine lover! Get one or two! Regular price is $79.99, but look for discounts and deals as the holiday season progresses.