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Perfectly grilled food each time with Weber iGrill products

According to the annual Weber GrillWatch Survey™, nearly one-half of grill owners (49%) are concerned they might be undercooking or overcooking their food, and more than half (54%) cut into their food to see if it looks done. The best way to test your meat has always been a grilling thermometer, but only a fraction of those grilling actually use one. Until now...

This holiday season, help the griller in your life feel a little less stressed at the grill with Weber’s iGrill line of app-connected thermometers—a sure-fire method to perfectly cooked food every time.

Trying out the iGrill Mini has been a revelation.

There's nothing 'mini' about the iGrill Mini.

Weber’s iGrill line, which includes the iGrill Mini®, iGrill® 2 and iGrill 3, are app-connected grilling thermometers that allow users to more precisely monitor the grill by using probes that send temperature readings and grilling alerts directly to users’ smart phones.

At $49.99, the iGrill Mini makes a great gift for anyone that may find themselves piloting a grill in 2019.

The "Mini" is an app connected thermometer that monitors "food doneness" from beginning to end, and notifies you on your smart device once it has reached the perfect temperature to serve. It uses Bluetooth to relay necessary information to your smartphone, and it gives a lot of updates. I guess since there is not display on the Mini, you are reliant on the app for the updates. It runs on an included CR2032 coin cell battery, and information says it's good for 150 hours of use, so that is a lot of grill time.

It's great for your backyard BBQ, tailgates and just about any type of grill you may have in your arsenal.

Works on: Apple: iOS 9 or higher required:• iPhone 4S or later• iPad 3rd generation or later• iPad mini• iPod touch 6th generation or laterAndroid: Most Android phones running Android 4.4 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

The iGrill app features intuitive navigation that easily leads the user step-by-step through the grilling process. Users simply select what they are grilling, then choose the desired way your like you meat. While grilling, a graph view displays the target and current temperature, along with real-time progress until an alert notifies the griller that the desired temperature has been reached.

Other iGrills

iGrill 2: Features four-probe capacity (comes with 2 meat probes), MSRP: $99.99


Grill 3: Compatible with Weber Genesis II and Spirit II line of grills which feature a front-mounted docking station to house the iGrill 3; also monitors your propane tank levels, MSRP: $99.99iGrill

Remember the "Mini" is a single probe.

The iGrill products are your answer to the problem of how long should you cook your meat. On your app, you can create a custom preset if you're cooking to a temperature that isn't listed, but there is an option for every protein you can imagine, along with options for hot smoke, cold smoke, and barbecue.

Prime members might also be able to get some deals on Amazon.


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