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Sleepers rejoice! Temperature regulating sheets might be the best holiday gift yet

It's one of my favorite items of 2018! Temperature-regulating sheets from Goodful, priced at $75-130 and available at Macy's stores and online.

If you, your sleeping partner or your kid's keep repeating the refrain, "it's too hot, it's too cold and I can't sleep," this might be the one sleep aid they need for that restful night.

Meet the breathable and moisture-wicking sheets and pillow covers that actually regulate temperature as it touches your body. Now you can get that cooler feel in the summer and a little more comfortable in the winter, so you can sleep comfortable all year long. This isn't just lip service as you won't want to get out of bed while wrapped in a blanket and spread out on these sheets. Forget those pesky silk sheets and in the winter, those thick flannel sheets.

The reviews on are 5-star and telling.

The sheets are soft and smooth and have not pilled after several wears. They do sleep cool which is great. My husband immediately noticed they were different and gave a thumbs up after trying them. I would purchase these for a guestroom as well.

Choose your color and style

The come in four solid colors: blush, gray, ivory, white. Four patterns: pink dot, floral, grid, medallion.

The gray and ivory go in any room with just about any color scheme. The floral and pink dot would flourish in a little girl's room and any boy would enjoy the grid pattern.

These are 300 thread count sheets that you would expect to find in suites of the best hotel chains. These sheets come in at a great price point and knowing Macy's, you can expect some great deals this holiday season. These are one of favorite items of 2018 and let's sleep to that!


  • Fabric: 100% Hygro Cotton Thread Count: 300

  • Sets include: flat sheet, fitted sheet and one or two pillowcases

  • Fits mattresses up to 16"

  • Temperature Regulating Hygrocotton ® , keep cool in summer and warm in winter, Moisture wicking

  • Select specific item for details


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