BLU Notebook is more than just a cute notebook

I'm a notetaker and I usually always have a notebook of some sort with me. So I bought and started using a BLU Notebook on a lark as it looked like a cute unique notebook. Wrong!

At first glance, I started thinking it was for an architect or maybe a contractor or builder. Wrong again!

BLU Notebooks are for anyone that needs to take notes. Students, teachers, writers, reporters and anyone who might work out of a mobile office.

I learned that the BLU Notebook is the first ever sketching journal made from pages that have the look and feel of traditional blueprint paper (Without the smell of Ammonia!). BLU offers an aesthetically pleasing and soothing effect when using vibrantly pigmented white and color gel ink against the rich blue pages of BLU. To achieve the blueprint look, it's recommend using BLU with opaque white or bright color gel/paint pens. Although, standard ballpoint pens and other writing instruments work well on the pages of BLU. You get to work on 10:1” grid within a finer 2:1" grid. The grid provides for multiple scaling options and is not so overpowering as to distract from your designs. The Pages of BLU: Blue pages with a light blue grid 10:1” grid within a finer 2:1 grid 160m text / 4 points of thickness Smooth finish with a velvet feel FSC & SFI Certified Paper Acid Free The BLU Notebook Dimensions 8.25” X 11” 50 Pages Durable cardboard cover Spiral Binding with tear sheets Flat lay The BLU Notebook was founded in Montréal, Canada in 2017.

I didn't think it would be possible to have fun taking notes, but a BLU Notebook does just that. If you don't want to carry an expensive tablet-like device with you at all times, you can go "old school" and carry the impressive BLU>