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Swag from National Parks make great gifts

The National Park Foundation recently released their 2018 holiday gift guide that can include ideas from everyone from your partner, friends and colleague alike. The gifts will bring joy to those in your life in more than one way as they also support treasured national parks. The National Park Foundation has the mission to the support the National Park Service and enriches America’s national parks and programs through the support of private citizens, park lovers, stewards of nature, history enthusiasts and wilderness adventurers.

The range of gifts listed ensures that you will find something for every type of person in your life.

For the Kid (At Heart)

Games: The young at heart are sure to love USAoploy’s park-ified games including classics like Monopoly and Yahtzee.

Deck of Cards: The simplest gifts are the best of all, from Solitaire to Go Fish, there are countless ways to enjoy these playing cards.

Children’s Story: Pepparchment Publishing’s “On the Trail with Seymour the Snail”, kids will learn about all the sights, smells and noises they’ll find on an outdoor adventure.

Books: The national park bookworms has great reads from a puzzle book ot national park-themed children stories.

For the Entertainer

2019 Calendar: The new year will bring about new events to attend, plans to make and many more things. Sourcebooks’ 2019 National Park Foundation wall calendar will be the best way to keep yourself on schedule.

Ramblers: People who are constantly on the move need a sturdy mugs and ramblers to stay hydrated. Yeti ramblers keep drinks warm or cold, with being able to choose from 8 national park designs to customize this snazzy gift.

Stacking Cookware: Dinner parties and meal on-the-road require durable cooking equipment to use for the next adventure. Faberware offers a Neat Nest stacking cookware makes entertaining a breeze with pots and pans that take up a fraction of the space.

Coffee: A good cup of coffee can put a pep in someone’s step and La Colombe Coffee Roasters can provide the gift of Lyon or Northern Lights blend roast.

For the Outdoorsperson

Telescopes: Outdoor fanatics can enjoy a well spent evening in the park with Celestron’s telescopes to view a star-filled sky.

Hammocks: An active day spent in the outdoors need a well spent break from time to time and it can be well spent among the treetops. One can rest in comfort with lightweight, breathable nylon hammocks from Eno.

Ingots: You can capture the unique places visited with national park ingots from Worldclass Collections. Each silver ingot is overlaid with gold and a beautiful picture of 25 national parks.

Adventure Tours: You can book an adventure with OARS, which offers unforgettable experiences in 7 national parks, including Grand Teton National Park and Dinosaur National Monument.

For the Fashionistas

Tote Bag: The modern fashionista needs the perfect item for the visits to the farmer’s market to stashing water bottles and all your outdoor activities. The classic L.L. Bean Boat and Tote will match with everything one needs, and with the #FindYourPark stitching will connect those in the national park community.

Sweatshirts and T-Shirts: An exclusive national park collection is offering alternative apparel with new retro t-shirts and sweatshirts including national park designs. The shirt designs include Acadia National Park to Rocky Mountain National Park with the collection being made from organic and recycled materials. Sandals: The perfect present for sandal wearers are the line of national park-inspired Chacos with each strap design inspired by a different national park.

T-Shirts and Baselayer: Hanes just launched their new ComfortWash national parks collection with a style and color for every mood, with warm baselayers to keep your special someone warm in the outdoors.

Watches: Alpina’s watches are a classy gift that will last a lifetime with nifty features that can be enjoyed on a hike. Features include a compass, barometer, altitude and connected GPS.

For the Homebody

Blankets: A winter night can be well enjoyed by snuggling at home with a Pendleton blanket. The iconic national park blankets to honor the unique landscapes of ten beloved parks in colorful stripes crafted from pure wool.

Candles: One of the best sources to remember the park through fragrances like firs and moss also can provide a cozy warmth. Paddywax candles provide crackling wooden wicks with scents that can transport them to the very parks that inspired them.

Ceramic Mug: A savory cup of hot chocolate can warm the belly and bring back memories of the outdoors with a ceramic camp mug that includes National Park Foundation’s logo.

Leather Journal: Lined paper and a leather strap closure can hold the memories of astounding hikes and plans of journeys that have yet to be taken. A leather journal can serve more than a notebook with the perfect spot to write down experiences shared with people they’ve met along the way.

Socks: Parks Project offers stylish socks that can be enjoyed for the person headed out for an all-day hike or those ready to slide across the floor to enjoy a Netflix-filled evening on the couch.

The holiday gifts will bring joy in more than one way as their purchase will support treasured national parks. If you would like more information on the National Park Foundation you can visit their website at

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