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YANTRA skin products can give you body a much needed 'Holiday Boost'

Upscale personal care products are hot this holiday season! 82 percent of female U.S. consumers reported using skin care products at least several times a week, while 64 percent of male respondents reported the same. One of my favorite companies, YANTRA is not only following this trend, but helping set the trend now and into the future. YANTRA products make great holiday gifts.

This is your chance to own styling products that are multi-functional and gender neutral, to a customizable shampoo and conditioner system individually formulate for any hair type. YANTRA Beauty will diversify and streamline your daily routine.Sourcing our ingredients responsibly from around the world, YANTRA has gone the extra mile to ensure you feeling good doesn’t adversely effect others. Formulated with rare and natural ingredients as well as scientifically effective components, YANTRA products are designed to bring life and vitality back to your hair and more.

YANTRA selections are the ultimate product for travel as products have multiple uses. "The Bomb" hair balm is a beard moisturizer, cuticle cream, chapstick and hair texturize that can fit in any bag. "Reign Supreme" hair serum is used to moisturize hair, give it shine, great for hair that maybe hasn't been washed in a couple days to make it smell amazing and give it a boost!

"The Bomb" utilizes 3 major moisturizers: Shea butter, Coconut Oil and Beeswax. Shea butter and coconut oil give you the immediate moisture that dry skin, hair and cuticles require. The beeswax creates a barrier that will help to not only absorb moisture from the atmosphere but will help "The Bomb" to remain in place and give you the moisture that you need for just $40. Alexandrian Laurel oil is used in the serum and is full of lipids. Lipids are fatty acids that have normally only been used in skin care, and for the first time hair in "Reign Supreme". Taking advantage of the Alexandrian Laurel oils natural benefits, this is a serum that not only helps with immediate results but long term hydration the more you use it, and the price point is only $60.

With an affordable price point, and 10% of every purchase going to one of YANTRA's charity partners of the customer's choosing, it's time to give YANTRA a try.

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