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Pain-free hands and wrists with the Cherry MW 4500 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

$28 is a small price to pay to keeps your hands and wrists pain-free. If you sit at a work station and use a mouse for the better part of the day, you know what it can do to you hands, wrists, fingers and even your arm. So why not buy yourself an early holiday gift and pick up a Cherry MW 4500 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse for $28.

The Cherry MW 4500 is also perfect mouse for the traveler. It's durable and well constructed. There are no rattling inner parts as your find with other wireless mice.

For those worried about pain and even carpal tunnel, this Cherry comes with an ergonomic design that reduces wrist strain. Boasting a unique upright shape, the hand rests on the mouse at a 45-degree angle, resulting in a natural posture that prevents discomfort in the joints and tendons. An abrasion-resistant surface ensures it will retain its luster, even with years of use. At the heart of the Cherry MW 4500 is an infrared movement sensor delivering precise pointer control. This itself saves wrist movement that can cause various degrees of pain.

According to the NIH, Women are three times more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, perhaps because the carpal tunnel itself may be smaller in women than in men. The dominant hand is usually affected first and produces the most severe pain. Persons with diabetes or other metabolic disorders that directly affect the body's nerves and make them more susceptible to compression are also at high risk. Carpal tunnel syndrome usually occurs only in adults.The risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome is not confined to people in a single industry or job, but is especially common in those that use their hands and wrists for work.

You can tailor make this mouse to your own needs as the pointer speed is easily adjustable to your personal preference (600 DPI, 900 DPI, and 1200 DPI) with a press of a button. In addition to the left and right main mouse buttons, there are four other input buttons, including a clickable scroll wheel and two side buttons for improved web browser navigation. The mouse is compatible with both PC and Mac, and it is a perfect choice for an office or home users who seek relief from extended computer activity. The mouse currently retails for about $28 various places on the internet.

It runs on 2 AAA batteries that should last a long while. This is a great mouse for those spending long hours at a PC.

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