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SWAGTRON Announces Early Black Friday Sale on Swagger 5 Elite Electric Scooter

Silver edition of scooter debuts.

If you don't know the term, "rideables," you should as SWAGTRON today announced an early Black Friday sale on its best-selling Swagger 5 Elite Electric Scooter, as well as a limited Silver Edition. Those scooters you see buzzing around the city or town where your live are being called "rideables."

Starting today, the Swagger 5 Elite can be purchased at for $359.99, $50 off the MSRP of $410. Entering Swagtron promo code “pro_save_40” at checkout will take an additional $40 off the current sale price. In addition, Swagtron will be debuting a limited Silver Edition of the Swagger 5 Elite on Black Friday (November 23, 2018), which will be available for $379.99 ($30 off MSRP) at while supplies last. The Swagger 5 Elite is the brand’s premium, folding, electric, commuter scooter, featuring a powerful 250-watt motor, 18 mph top speed and an 11-mile range. Recent updates include an airless rear tire featuring internal “honeycomb” technology to eliminate flats, and an upgraded battery for improved range and performance. Riders can pair their smartphone with the Swagger 5 Elite via Bluetooth® and use the included bar mount to turn it into a real-time heads-up display. Use the app to activate cruise control, select one of three speed modes, plan your route with GPS, control the headlight and more. The app also includes a theft-deterrent lock and alarm mode. Speed and basic stats can also be viewed on the vibrant bar-mounted LED display. A rear disc brake paired with regenerative braking in the front hub make your ride safer and more efficient. An LED headlight and brake light keep you visible when daylight ends before your ride does. Other Swagtron Black Friday Deals include $50 off the EB5 Folding Electric Bike, $100 off the Swagcycle PRO Pedal-less Electric Bike, $100 off the Swagskate Spectra Mini A.I. Electric Skateboard and $100 off the Swagboard Elite T380 Hoverboard with Bluetooth. Note: The Swagger 5 Elite is the Official Electric Scooter of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field. Swagger 5 features and specs: 250-watt motor iOS/Android app enabled Three speed modes 8.5-inch wheels Airless honeycomb rear tire, air-filled front tire Folding aluminum for easy storage and transport 18 mph top speed 11-mile battery range LED display Handlebar throttle, brake and safety bell Regenerative braking Maximum ride weight: 320 lbs Available in black or silver (limited time only)

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