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KICHGO is your chance to exercise anywhere

Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends. - Thomas Jefferson

Yoga, spinning, Pilates, cross-fit, Zumba, cardio... all buzzwords we hear in the exercise world. Is Jazzercise still a thing?

All of these types of exercise require one thing. You have to go to a specific locale to partake.

Not with KICHGO, a big gym in a little bag that weighs less than 2 pounds. It's all you need for your body to get a workout in no time.

Celebrity trainer, Kit Rich is the founder of KICHGO.

Well-known for her multidisciplinary approach, Kit carries equipment with her that she can take anywhere and use for all of her varying routines. The result of years of curating workouts while on the road or in clients’ homes, she is able to pack all of her key equipment into a small bag. A small bag that weighs less than two pounds.

The results?

A bag packed full of tried and true equipment that can be used for Pilates, Circuit Training, HIIT, Tabata, and Yoga routines. In addition, customers receive 20 downloadable videos of varying lengths and styles. KICHGO makes fitness attainable for everyone, by keeping it simple and helping everyone achieve consistency with their workouts.

What you get:

20 DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS: Using your email address and unique password (chosen at checkout), you will have access to downloadable videos tailor-made for the KICHGO bag’s equipment. They vary in style—circuit training, Pilates, and yoga—and length, ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. • 5 Circuit Fusion Videos: Approx 30 mins • 6 Pilates Videos: Approx 5 mins – 30 mins • 4 Gentle Yoga Videos with Instructor Rachel Grant Jackson: Approx 10 mins • 5 Focused Strength/Circuit Videos: Approx 5 mins 1 KICHGO BAG: It's BIG gym in a LITTLE bag – packed with 8 pieces of exercise equipment including lightweight resistance bands (light / medium), loops (light / medium / heavy), Pilates ball, sliders and more! Weight: 1.73 pounds • 2 resistance bands: light and medium • 1 set of resistance band handles • 1 set of resistance band ankle / booty strap • 1 set of dual-sided sliders • 3 resistance loops: light / medium / heavy • 1 inflatable Pilates Core ball (with inflation device) • 1 Jump rope • 1 door anchor

Rich is looking to educate and help people and is she becomes an inspiration along the way, so be it!

"I used to do (my mother's) workout tapes in (her) bedroom. She made me laugh and have fun. And now I’m hoping some little girl out there is doing my videos and having a similar experience."

The videos really do give you a workout!

A KICHGO pouch can be used by exercise enthusiasts of any level. Order yours or one as a gift here.

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