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Cooking with Maverick DF-10: Instant-Read BBQ Meat Thermometer

The one thing you don't want to do in the fast approaching holiday season is to ruin your meal by over or under cooking your meat or meats.

While you still have to have some basic cooking or grill skills, the Maverick DF-10 instant read thermometer can be an easy to use tool to check temperature of meat any time of day or night. You get a bright reverse LCD screen, built-in flashlight, and backlit display for easy viewing, you can read the temperature of your meal even in darkness.

This BBQ meat thermometer fork has instant-read technology to read temperatures in under five seconds. Simply press the instant-read button to get your accurate meat temperature. With the digital thermometer screen, you can easily set and adjust the temperature for cooking. Complete with a color-coded LED screen, you will be able to easily see "how done" your meat is throughout the cooking process. The technology here is in the two stainless-steel temperature probes that ensure you are getting the most accurate reading with this BBQ thermometer. Heat-resistant and anti-bacterial ABS ensure that you are avoiding food contamination and protect your probes.

Easy to clean, fast and accurate.

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