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Kids will love Terra Kids Binoculars from HABA

Ever take the kids to a concert, ice show or sporting event and once seated you hear those constant cries that they can't see. Maybe you don't want to hand your $400 pair of binoculars to the little ones in fear that they will soon be dropped on the hard floor or over a railing.

Thankfully, those days may be over thanks to the Terra Kids line from HABA.

Terra Kids Binoculars with Bag from HABA are one of my favorite kid-oriented products of the year! And for just $19.99.

Binoculars are an essential piece to any exploration adventure or sporting event. The plastic casing is sturdily designed to withstand outdoor play, and the shoulder strap with security fastener will keep them close by your little sports fan. These Terra Kids Binoculars not only alleviate the problem of the kids using adult bionocs, but they actually work and the kids will have fun using this set.

As a bonus, the neoprene shoulder bag has snap fasteners and an aluminum carabiner. They include knowledge cards for even further learning and experimenting. Magnify x4 with these cool binoculars. Recommended for ages 6 years and up.

These are durable Binoculars made of ABS (hard plastic), polyester-elastomeric (soft plastic) and polymethyl acrylate (lenses).

Get them here from HABA, or on Amazon.

For just $19.99. Use indoors or outdoors, and large or small events. Even great for bird watching!

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