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Kora high performance adventure clothing

Looking to stay warm and insulated in the outdoors this fall and winter? Maybe some adventure or extreme travel is on your bucket list.

It's time to take a look at Kora high performance clothing.

Kora doesn't just make blind boasts about the quality and performance of it's products. They test each product 1000's of times.

Yak Wool

The story: Kora’s Founder, Michael Kleinwort came across the incredible benefits of Yak Wool during a winter trek into a remote corner of the Eastern Himalayas.

While staying with a family of nomadic yak herders in high altitude, Michael was struck by the yaks’ apparent calmness. They appeared unperturbed. Despite the unbearable cold, all the yaks looked at ease, even comfortable.

The herders told him that the secret of their endurance to this cold was the soft wool under their thick outer coats. It insulates them from the extreme Himalayan winters. Then, each spring, it falls loose naturally. After it has been collected, the herders sell this wool to a middleman providing a much-needed income for the community.

Michael had a hunch that this soft and warm yak wool would do a great job of keeping outdoor athletes comfortable too and he was right!

The Testing

Kora spends a minimum of three years perfecting their fabrics in in-house development programs called Hima-Layer™. Starting from the raw wool, which they buy directly from Tibetan communities to ensure its origin and quality, they design both the fabrics and the clothing with the same fanatical attention to detail.

Yes the wool is soft, but it is also odor-resistant. You can ski, climb or hike in warmth and comfort - and stay smelling fresh for days. There are also moisture wicking features that come in handy.

On the website at there are recommendations from the company's ambassadors and tips you can use in your own adventures.

It's also amazing how fashionable Kora garments are as one off pieces. Sure they can be worn as layers, but they also work and look well as stand-alone pieces of clothing. Kora also produces accessories like hats and socks that you might want to check out.

You get what you pay for when it comes to outdoors wear, so see if Kora peaks your interest. You can also save money by "bundling" selections.

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