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You will love the 7 in 1 Multi Flask

If seven is your lucky number, I have the product for you, but even if seven isn't one of your favorite numerals, the 7 in 1 Multi Flask is the one water bottle you need.

Just by changing lids and part, users get a water bottle that will fit any need.

Here's what you can make:

1. 8h Hot coffee traveler 2. 8h Hot tea traveler 3. 24h Cold sports bottle 4. Fruit infuser 5. Big 23oz/680ml bottle 6. Shaker/Smoothie bottle 7. Cold brew coffee maker/travel bottle

Having just returned from running an eight day outdoor event, the 7 in 1 was put to the test. It's a worry-free device as it was able to dispense my coffee in the morning, keep me hydrated with water throughout the day and I was even able to shake up a smoothie for a healthy drink in the late afternoon.

The Multi Flask is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

There are a couple bonuses to consider, if you are on the fence about spending $32 on a water bottle. For one, there is a Sport-Drink mode that features a soft silicone spout (to protect you from bumping your teeth while drinking and exercising). It is also BPA and Phthalate free, so you know it's going to be safe to use. It's well built and easy to carry.

Users no longer have to carry four or five bottles around, the Multi Flask is the one bottle you need for your active and mobile lifestyle.

You can buy one on Amazon or go to Even if seven isn't your lick number, this will be your lucky water bottle.

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