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Protect and eliminate tangled cords with Skooob

Tangled earbud cords are one of my pet peeves. It not only gets on my nerves, but those pesky tangles can damage cords and make your expensive earbuds or earphones useless.

Enter Skooob.

Skooob is a wrap cord cover that is easy to use and works perfectly.

Skooob eliminates the tangled mess while adding a personal touch, with an assortment of colors to any pair of earbuds or headphones. Features a wide selection of colors and styles to fit your personality and it's easy to use.

Simply twist the Skooob around the cord starting at the jack and work your way up towards the earbuds.

Then simply cut the Skooob when it reaches the two separate earbud wires.

Continue to twist each individual earbud until done and your all set!

Eliminate those pesky tangles that we seem to get over and over again. Skooob retails for just $6.95-$8.95. It's another great Wireless Wednesday under $10 pick!

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