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Rent and swap your clothes each season with Ann Taylor 'Infinite Style'

Renting isn't just for automobiles and bowling shoes.

Usually when we hear the word ‘rent’, cars or apartments come to mind. We are becoming a society that shares products by renting, and the latest thing we are renting? Clothes! Ann Taylor is changing that thought process. With the seasons changing, we are in a quicker need to revamp our wardrobe to adjust to the new chill in the air. Many things such as being a mom, or having a full-time job can make it hard to get to the store. Ann Taylor is here and online so your can go from workwear to weekend easier.

Ann Taylor was also one of the first retailers to start a clothing rental program. With the Infinite Style Program, you are able to rent clothes and have them delivered to your door. When you are ready, return the items, while shipping is free both ways! When you’ve decided on another outfit, do the same thing all over again. For a flat monthly rate, you can receive as many items as you’d like to rent, 3 at a time, with the option to purchase items you love at a special price. The options are endless!

Brands and trends quickly go in, then out of style. With this new subscription program shoppers will be able to catch them as soon as they’re there, then ship them right back when they’re over. Infinite Style also makes for a great gift for your friend who is into sweaters one week, and animal prints the next.

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