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AtmosFX returns as one of Rick's Halloween Picks

Some technology just gets better with age.

One example would be the AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit.

The AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kits lets you create your own haunted house or haunted display at your place of residence.

"Digital decorating" turns your home into a haunted Halloween home. This year, AtmosFX has 4 new Digital Decorations to wow your neighbors and leave trick-or-treaters and party goers delighted. Set them up with an AtmosFX projection kit or any TV monitor and get ready to be spooked!

For the last three years, it's been great to transform the front of my home into horror movie scenes and more.

Here are some of your choices for 2018:

1. Halloween Zombie Bash A cast of zany zombies dance, jam, and haunt their way into your heart — and if you're not careful, into your brain. Includes three lively dance routines, a five piece undead band playing a macabre tune, and two sets of playful scares. 2. Terrors from Beyond The barrier between planes is perilously thin and now a group of demonic creatures are trying to smash their way into our world. Woe unto us all if they succeed! This collection includes four terrifying scenes that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 3. Sinister Shadows Mobs of threatening shadows are up to deeds most foul — lurking, lunging, slinking, and stalking! A gravedigger is working late. Armed figures lumber through the night with murderous intent and even the dead are not resting in peace. These four sinister decorations will transform your display into a uniquely creepy environment.

4. Halloween Monster Bash Sure to become a party favorite, Halloween Monster Bash includes all the classic movie monsters of the silver screen: Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Werewolf, Mummy, and a Witch — all getting their grooves on in four dance routines. These include the Chiller Moonwalk, the Boogieman-woogie, the Twisted Twist, and the Halloween Hootenanny. Halloween Monster Bash also includes both spooky and silly scares. (Halloween Monster Bash to be released at the end of September). Additional Halloween Digital Decorations and gear can be purchased on AtmosFX’s website and don’t worry about putting these away after Halloween. AtmosFX makes Digital Decorations for year-round celebrations.

For zombie enthusiasts, there are tons of Zombie options this year to scare up the neighborhood. Here's a link:

Other themes trending for 2018 include: graveyards, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.

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