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Zhiyun announces Weebill Lab at GITEX 2018 this week

Zhiyun, the world’s leading manufacturer of leisure and professional stabilizers, is pleased to announce it will attend GITEX 2018 with its latest revolutionary gimbals and accessories. GITEX 2018 will be running from October 10 -14, allowing avid filmmakers to try out the two new Lab stabilizers, the Weebill Lab and the Crane 3 Lab.

The Weebill Lab stands out by its lightweight body, versatile design, great control and action-oriented design features while its engine is 50% smaller but delivers 80% more power compared to other stabilizers in its class. The Crane 3 Lab is from premium products and supports all its features, including external monitoring and control, quick axis locking.

The Weebill Lab is a high-quality aluminum tripod that can be folded to a traditional vertically-held stabilizer or can be quickly snapped on the horizontal part to offer a more natural horizontal grip. It comes with double quick-release plates for easy setup and fast equipment switching without the need to re-balance. The stabilizer also has the ability of the aluminum tripod to act as an extended vertical grip for two-handed use and most importantly, to be transformed into a horizontal grip for extra stabilization and easy grip for low shots and shots with a difficult angle.

The LAB designation identifies Zhiyun’s new top-of-the-line range that offers extensive control, monitoring and streaming to tablets and smartphones connected with the Weebill Lab. A hand rest feature is available with the signature Lab series OLED display which displays vital information about the gimbal with both a control joystick and adjustment dial below it as well as an easy switch for pan and follow/follow mode. Zhiyun’s PhoneGo mode from the Smooth Series also debuts on the digital camera stabilizers, which allows for extremely sporty performance and crazy transition effects.

Zhiyun Lab Overview

Revolutionary Single/Dual Handed Structure Wireless streaming of shot footage on external devices Synchronous zoom and focus control wheels ViaTouch Control System with the motion-controlled interface Rich control panel through Smartphone or Tablet The Crane 3 Lab is set to be released before the holiday season, it is visually similar to the smaller Weebill Lab. Cameramen will have an exclusive first look at the latest prototype of the upcoming for professional DSLR camera and lens combinations. It is touted as the best stabilizer of the year by some, its broad set of features will surely impress professionals with its LAB features.

Visit Zhiyun during GITEX 2018 at Dubai World Trade Centre at booth E1-2 to have a first hand experience of the new Lab Stabilizers. If you would like more information on the Zhiyun Weebill Lab or Crane 3 Lab visit their website at If you would like to keep up to date follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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