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Wireless Wednesday Live with Alison Jacobson, “The Safety Mom”

Rick talks with Alison Jacobson, "The Safety Mom" talking 'Tech for Seniors."

Aging is a fact of life, and many seniors need assistance with day-to-day tasks. But after building a lifetime of memories in their home, the vast majority of the aging population dreads losing their independence. In fact, almost 90% of adults age 65+ prefer growing old in their current home instead of moving to an assisted living facility.

Alison joins Rick to discuss smart home technology families can easily put in place to keep their aging loved ones safe and happy at home. She can also speak from firsthand experience of caring for aging relatives in her own smart home. Not only does smart home technology increase safety and peace of mind, but it’s more economical than moving. Smart home technology can also help the 1 in 3 American households with someone who self-identifies as having a disability. All the technology shown in the home is made possible by a strong WiFi network.

Watch Rick and Alison:

Some of the smart home technology includes: · Telehealth technology that can connect patients with their clinicians and physicians any time, day or night, allowing them to manage their health condition without having to leave their home (nearly 40% of doctor visits, and approximately 30% of Emergency Room visits could be replaced with telemedicine) · Home automation and security features, including the ability to see who is at the front door and lock and unlock doors remotely, making it easier for visitors and caregivers in and out of the home safely. · A pill dispenser that provides audible and visual alerts when pills are scheduled to be taken · A smart trash can with a barcode scanner, which makes it easier to create grocery lists and order groceries online. · Video description capabilities, a big-button TV remote and a voice-activated TV remote, giving the visually impaired and seniors who lack finger dexterity the ability to enjoy their favorite shows See more at and

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