Understands are customized wood stands

It's easy to "understand."

Understands are desk stands are customizable - so if you have two monitors, or a computer setup that isn't standard, the Bolt can be made just for you.

As a part of their Artistic Plywood Collection, the Bolt is made with premium baltic plywood. What makes this computer stand unique is the option to customize the size of the stand. So if you have two monitors, or a computer setup that isn't standard, the Bolt can be made just for you.

All stands are 9" deep. Width options: 9", 30", 36" and 42". Height options: 3", 4" and 5". Inquire about custom sizes.

Milling salvaged local logs instead of sourcing lumber from faraway places gives us new appreciation for the distinctive grain, color and texture of the woods from our own city. We primarily craft our computer stands from Urban wood, incorporating a strong and stable birch plywood in some pieces.

Mike Fisher, Understands product visionary and founder of Heartwood Creations Inc., explains his approach and love for sustainable urban wood as follows. “We use high-figure wood, the kind that commercial lumber mills choose to discard. To them it’s scrap. To us, this wood has a special character that is worth pursuing. In 2015 we acquired a saw mill and kiln to work with urban wood. Working with urban wood has proved to be one of the most romantic and rewarding chapters in our 40 years. Each one-of-a-kind stand is so singular, so unique”, says Mike, that it’s sometimes hard to let them go. It’s like parting with a family heirloom that in some sense is priceless when you consider you will never see another one exactly like it again.”

Understands is a new division of Heartwood Creations, a 40-year-old woodworking shop known across North America for its exquisite secret boxes and jewelry chests.

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