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Mixcder Headphones pass the travel test

Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Over the Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

I'm picky about the headphones I take on trips, but I was intrigued when Mixcder , announced their new Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Over the Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones with deep bass and a handy built-in microphone.

Noise canceling headphones are not inexpensive, but Mixcder is touting a possibility at an affordable price for everyone. The feature-rich Mixcder E7 offers Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Technology for totally immersive sound, and at only $64.99. Mixcder’s ANC Technology continuously detects and reacts to outside noises, analyzing sound waves and blocking out ambient sound by creating inverse waves for a totally immersive experience for beautiful music and sound.

Featuring 40mm driver units and CSR Bluetooth to ensure great sound quality, with a powerful deep bass and clean sound with clear detail -- without being disturbed by noise, including the variety of noises one would encounter while traveling. The E7’s extended battery life for Bluetooth wireless music, audio, and hands-free phone calls keep you listening for hours. Mixcder says it's up to 20 hours on a full charge, but I've tested a little over 15. Of course there is a wired mode for directly connecting to devices when a wired connection is needed on a long flight or with non-Bluetooth devices. Comfort is of paramount importance as an ergonomic design with comfortable soft ear pads rests nicely along your head or even with a travel pillow. A bonus light slim hard and durable carrying case comes with the Mixcder E7 so it can be packed and taken anywhere.

A quality pair of headphones as a breakthrough price, it the story here. “With the Mixcder E7’s ANC Technology, you’ll stay in your world, just you and your favorite music -- without distractions,” said David Wu, Founder, Mixcder. “Immerse yourself in music, enjoying every nuance of your favorite song while also appreciating the peace of no external noises.”

The E7's charge fast and are well made, but they sell themselves with one of the best prices on the market for noise canceling headphones.

“In the headphone industry, it’s not an easy job to provide noise canceling and wireless features in one headphone, and it’s nearly impossible to do it at a low price. Only a few R&D audio teams have the ability to manufacture wireless noise canceling headphones, and we are one of those factories. Mixcder created the technology in only 3 years and at a fraction of the price,” said Wu.

Mixcder E7 features as per the manufacturer:

-Active Noise Canceling Technology: Mixcder E7 adopts the ANC Technology, which continuously analyzes and reacts to outside noise, blocking out external noise by creating inverse waves for totally immersive music. -20 Hour Battery Life: built-in 400mAh battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous playback per charge. -Never Power Off Wired Mode: you can also connect it to your device with the included audio cable so it will never power off. -Immersive Sound: large 40mm driver units and CSR Bluetooth ensure great sound quality with powerful deep bass sound and clear detail without being disturbed by noises. -Unique “Furcating Technology”: features different sound qualities for use with or without the ANC Technology. -Hands-Free Calling with Built-in Mic: the built-in high-quality microphone guarantees clear hands-free calls. -The wireless connection between the Mixcder E7 and Bluetooth enabled devices (such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TVs) is quick and stable within 10m/33 feet. -Ergonomic Design: a comfortable design with soft ear cups provides long-time use. -Low Cost: priced at only $64.99, with features normally costing hundreds of dollars, -Includes: Mixcder E7 Bluetooth ANC headphones, 3.5mm audio cable, Micro USB charging cable, compact carrying case, user manual, worry-free 12 month warranty, lifetime support, and friendly customer service.

Buy your pair now:

The Mixcder E7 Bluetooth ANC headphones are available immediately through Amazon at: or the Mixcder sales site here.

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