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Skyroam announces new Skyroam GoData plan for personal hotspots

Skyroam offers the ultimate in flexibility and a limited time deal. If you need WIFI on the go, Skyroam is the global WiFi provider that keeps users connected in over 130 countries, is announcing the new Skyroam GoData subscription for its personal hotspots. It’s the only mobile WiFi service that leverages a proprietary global network of 300 carrier partners to optimize local connectivity, delivering the best full speed 4G LTE WiFi for $9/month for 1GB with flexibility to add more data anytime for a flat rate of $9/GB. For a limited time, buy 12 months of the GoData subscription upfront and get 40% off the Skyroam Solis 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

This offer expires September 30th. The Skyroam GoData subscription combines all the benefits of its current simple and affordable mobile service with the flexibility and full speed access of a pay per gigabyte plan. Skyroam’s service seamlessly connects users with the best available local mobile network via its proprietary virtual SIM technology, without limiting users to a single carrier in each country. Working closely with the Skyroam community and mobile industry experts to understand the evolving demands of consumers, the new Skyroam GoData subscription meets the needs of mobile users who require ongoing access to secure, fast global WiFi, control over data consumption, and flexibility to use their WiFi anywhere, on any device. That’s why Skyroam GoData is designed to include all of the benefits of Skyroam mobile WiFi service including global 4G LTE access, a secure connection, and the ability to use on up to five devices simultaneously, with a new data delivery method that offers 1GB of full speed data to use anywhere, anytime, for $9/month.

With complete control of their full speed data usage, the ability to buy more data anytime, and this entry-level price point, anyone who’s on-the-go for business or leisure can stay connected with Skyroam WiFi. Mobile consumers can now be more productive on their daily commute, keep the entire family connected while on holiday, get that last email sent while waiting at the airport or navigate to an important meeting in a foreign city – all with Skyroam hotspots and the Skyroam GoData subscription. The Skyroam hotspot and Skyroam GoData plan is unlike other mobile WiFi option available: -Ever-present: No more wandering for WiFi at local coffee shops or hotel lobbies, usable for minutes or all day, anywhere and anytime it’s needed -Fast, reliable WiFi: Transportation hubs likes airports or trains offer weak signals and slow speeds, always get 100% unlimited full speed 4G LTE data when location permits -Secure connection: While public WiFi may be convenient, it is not as secure as a private WiFi connection -Save phone data and battery: Phone tethering can be risky, utilizing Skyroam’s data users can reserve phone data on their mobile plan and not drain their battery -Customized data use: Start with $9/month for 1GB of full speed data, buy more anytime -Transparent fees: Flat rate per gigabyte of data each month without extra charges or unexpected fees -Absolute flexibility: No contracts, cancel anytime -Freedom to stream: Use for any and every mobile activity, from simple web browsing to high-bandwidth video streaming -Best connection: With over 300 worldwide carrier partners, always get the best connection locally, from multiple domestic carriers, and overseas -Fully compatible: Skyroam connects to any five WiFi devices at once, working with any mobile phone or device

“If you buy 1GB from a mobile carrier, you can only use it while connected to that one mobile network. However, when buying 1GB with Skyroam GoData, you can use it anywhere, anytime and be sure you are getting the best connection from our hundreds of carrier partners,” said Jing Liu, Skyroam Founder and CEO. “We have always made it our mission to keep people connected. Our newest plan breaks down the barriers, providing super fast data on any device, anywhere on-the-go at home or abroad.” The Skyroam Solis 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot, with a built-in power bank, is available for purchase at at the full retail price of $149.99. In addition to the new GoData subscription, Skyroam currently offers pay-as-you-go plans with daily 24-hour access for occasional connectivity and unlimited monthly subscriptions for frequent international travelers at one flat price. Unlimited global WiFi hotspot rentals are also available starting at only $9.95 per day, and can be ordered at or picked up anytime at vending kiosks located at top international airports throughout the United States.

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