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'Click on through' with the Swing Impact 'Swing Caddy'

Just as "clicks" are good for internet-based businesses, they are good for golfers that use the Swing Impact "Swing Caddy" to warm up before a round or work on their golf swing.

The full size Swing Caddy Impact Trainer is ideal for indoor/outside and range practice. The Swing Caddy comes in either 28" or 36" long, and is the perfect training equipment to master your rhythm and tempo for the desired club head speed.

How do you know if you are swinging correctly?


Swing away and the First "Click" will ONLY "Click" the moment the club head speed reaches the proper speed selected on The Control Scale. If the club head speed is slower than the selected speed, you will not hear the first or second "Click". So you want to hear "clicks."

The Swing Caddy develops correct muscle memory for the proper swing paradigm. Effective training tool to increase distance by improving the desirable club head speed. The patented design and weight simulates an actual golf club, and it will virtually last forever without rust. Note: The device is not designed to hit balls.

Use right out of the box. There is virtually no set up involved or set up needed. Start swinging away in your garage, basement of backyard. You can even keep the Swing Caddy in your car for use at the course or driving range.

Swing Impact also has Batting Pro and Batting Pro Jr. devices for sale to help baseball and softball players.

The magic here is provided by the combination of the patented steel head and the dual-click system.

What some are saying:

"Fantastic. Couldn't be more satisfied.” Oliver N. “A fantastic training aid. Great to get a feel of when you are releasing or uncocking your wrists. The feedback is instantaneous.” Cyberdude “Great golf swing training tool. Builds correct swing speed for different clubs.” Amazon Customer “Distance improved dramatically!” P. J.

What I'm saying:

It's a challenge to get the two clicks, but when you do, muscle memory kicks in and you can hopefully translate that to your next round.

Specs and details:

Adjustable Distance: 25 to 280 Yards Adjuatable Head Spead: 11 - 110 MPH Control Scale: Stainless Steel Develops: Muscle Memory, Rhythm & Tempo Grip: Right OR Left Handed Shaft: Graphite (Flexible) Best for: Practice & Warm-up Location: Primarily Outdoor or Indoors with high ceilings Swing Caddy total length is 28" or 36" Simulates real golf club & feel Measure & Adjust club head speed for desired distance Improve balance, timing, and tempo Optimize release for maximum power and accuracy Comfortable Grip Tech grip Perfect tool for warm-up and stretching Tune up your golf game for $149 with the Swing Caddy. Available on Amazon here.

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