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Weatherman umbrella debuts new fall colors

Take a look at some of the weather around the country. The calendar has turned to September and that means fall brings with it cooler air, steadier rainstorms--as well as some of the most beautiful autumn colors possible. Be prepared with the best umbrella on the market--in the colors of the season! According to Pantone, the expert on all things color, bolder colors including earthy, warm hues of orange and sophisticated urban greens are on their way for Fall/Winter 2018.

The Weatherman. Weatherman smart umbrella is now available in Olive Green and Orange, and will bring you into Fall with the latest trend.

Weatherman, a stylish and sophisticated smart umbrella in the colors of the season. Created by well-know national TV meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, Weatherman umbrella can withstand 55 mph winds, predict the weather--and even tell you where you last left it so you never lose your umbrella again!

Features of this incredible umbrella:

- Withstands Brutal Winds- Summer thunderstorms mean windy conditions. Weatherman’s industrial-strength 14MM gauge fiberglass ribs and shaft prevent breaking and inverting. Wind resistant for up to 55 MPH winds. - Never Lose Your Umbrella Again- Studies show umbrellas are not only on the list of most commonly misplaced items, but is in the top 3 of misplaced items that take longer than 15 minutes to find. Weatherman™’s Pebblebee® tracker utilizes the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology to locate your umbrella and ensure it’s never lost or left behind. - Always Know the Forecast- Some (okay, most) mornings are too rushed to check the forecast and remember to bring your umbrella. With Weatherman™’s all-new apps available for iOS and Android., you receive accurate alerts to take your umbrella with you before you go, receive notifications of upcoming rain during your commute based on work and home locations, and see the likelihood of precipitation by hour with helpful infographics - Ensures You Actually Stay Dry- Weatherman™ Teflon technology fabric delivers the highest water repellency possible, ensuring you’ll stay dry (unlike traditional umbrellas, where you can still get wet in tough storms because of lower quality fabric) - Lifetime Guarantee- Umbrellas have garnered a reputation for either being visually unappealing or notoriously flimsy, hence the reason why they’re constantly being replaced.Weatherman™ stands behind its products with superior customer service and a lifetime guarantee. Weatherman Umbrellas start at $59. And enjoy the fall colors.

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