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World of Tanks events announced recently announced a series of new and exciting special event for its massively multiplayer tank combat game - World of Tanks. Throughout the month of September, the over 17 million registered World of Tanks: Mercenaries players worldwide can close out the summer with a bang. Players will have opportunities to unlock new maps, vehicles, prizes and more.

The first major event of September is called Taking Point and will be running until September 28th. Players will just need to jump into the game and complete daily Ops to rack up points, the more points earned means more prizes unlocked. Ten different prizes are being offered ranging from Silver, Consumables, and Premium time to a might Premium tank in the form of the Scourge Kirovets-1. The scourge is a formidable vehicle with excellent armor, making it well-primed for direct attacks and one to add to their collections.

Wargaming is also proud to observe Tankman Day, a national day of great importance in Russia which honors the role of tank crews of World War II. The special day will be commemorated by having players around the world will be able to earn a whopping 5x XP on their first win today! A special Tankman Day Emblem is available to add to tanks in the ‘Customization’ tab.

Players can additionally take part in the Fight For Your Academy event, which runs from September 19-23. Players will be randomly assigned to one of six Academies, with a special emblem voucher allowing them to champion an Academy’s color while in battle. XP will be earned in battles throughout the event, and those who score the most completions for their Academy will be rewarded with Premium time and Crew Vouchers.

The Mercenaries roster will continue to grow this month and offer even more Contracts to unlock powerful vehicles with unique Mercenary Crews at the helm. Players can take on tank Contracts that they may have missed to build the Mercenaries Tech Tree.

Tanks arriving in the upcoming weeks...

  • SmoothMan (available September 18): A mobile Medium Tank with great armor. It’s captained by Blood Falcon, an all-American hero with an incredible fighting sprint.

  • Caboose (available September 18): A Light Tank that’s a potent union of Japanese and German engineering prowess, being manned by Hidden Death, a Chinese Mercenary who fights to protect and support his family.

  • Thresher (available September 25): A well-armored Light Tank with an aggressive weapon, being operate by Dark Fox, a New Zealander who served under British command during World War II before going rogue and seeking revenge against Axis forces.

  • Stubbs (available September 25): A reckless Light Tank that moves like a snake and strikes with the same rapid intensity. It is commandeered by Crazy Snake, an erratic, aggressive and unhinged Mercenary who can distract enemies as his teammates go for the jugular.

  • Bulwark (available September 25): A hulking Heavy Tank that can soak up a lot of punishment on behalf of its allies. It’s under the command of Exiled Wolf, a self-reliant and formidable American Mercenary.

The very first Premium Mercenary vehicle is also available in World of Tanks: Mercenaries store until October 2nd. The Trinity Mk II is a modified version of the tank that completed a daring mission in War Stories: The Heist, and it has plenty of hell raising new features to give it an edge on the battlefield. It has a triple layer of formidable spaced armor, making it one of the most well-armored Medium Tanks in the game. The tank is captained by the Sonic Valkyrie crew, an Italian freedom fighter who can repair tracks quickly and has a lower chance of taking critical damage.

Visit their website at if you would like to learn more about World of Tanks. If you would like to to receive updates or more information, follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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