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Aquio: Hydrate with your favorite music

Aquio and iHome have teamed up for what has become one of my favorite gadgets of 2018.

Aquio Bottles.

Forget making the fashion statement. Forget that the Bluetooth speaker is removable. Forget the woven fabric that is easy on the touch.

What we have here is a premium-quality BPA-free water bottle has been designed with a removable high-quality iHome music system. And it works great! The Aquio Bottle features a double-walled stainless-steel bottle design with fashionable designer colors and can keep hot liquids hot for up to 14 hours and cold beverages cold for a full day- 24 hours. Available in different colors, including black, seafoam, blush and merlot, Aquio is perfect for those Summer days at the pool, the beach or even hiking! Aquio is available at for $69.99.

The specs: -iP67 rated speaker (waterproof and sandproof) -Powerful 5-watt RMS speaker (In a previous life working at leading audio engineering companies, I can tell you this actually sounds surprisingly good!) -Features digital echo cancellation for speakerphone use, and provides audio caller ID -Modular design, you can use bottle and speaker together or separately. -16oz double-wall stainless steel design keeps liquids hot for 14+ hours and cold for 24+ hours -Fashionable designer colors, and designer acoustic fabric -Packs up to 6 hours of battery life.

The six hours of battery life is nice, just make sure you go out on your excursion with a full charge. Great looking and great performing all in one package. Visit

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