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Sling adds for four more a la carte channels

CONtv, Docurama, Grokker and Here TV

New channels, CONtv, Docurama, Grokker and Here TV, add more than 2,000 on-demand options for Sling TV subscribers.

What they offer:

.· CONtv ($5 per month) offers shows and movies for Comic Con fans, ranging from sci-fi, horror, anime, martial arts, cult, retro-cartoons and grindhouse to original series, including 80s movies like “21 Jumpstreet,” cult classics like “Night of the Living Dead,” and martial arts films like “Rumble in Hong Kong.”

· Docurama ($5 per month) offers a curated collection of documentary films and TV shows, such as Academy Award nominee “Waste Land,” “Chasing Ice,” “Samsara” and “Gangster Empire.”

· Grokker ($7 per month) offers on-demand yoga, fitness, meditation and cooking classes, taught by expert instructors, such as “Yoga Basics” and “Pilates Sculpt.”

· Here TV ($8 per month) offers authentic, uncensored, award-winning LGBTQ movies, series, documentaries and short films like “Broke Straight Boys,” “Work in Progress” and “The World Unseen.”

These four new channels join Sling TV’s lineup of available à la carte channels, including Showtime ($10 per month), CuriosityStream ($3 per month), Stingray Karaoke ($7 per month), Dove Channel ($5 per month), Outside TV Features ($5 per month), UP Faith & Family ($5 per month), Pantaya ($6 per month) and NBA League Pass ($28.99 per month).

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