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BedJet V3 and V3S now for pre-order on Kickstarter

BedJet, the No. 1 customer rated cooling, heating and sleep inducing device for beds that raised $1.4 million on Kickstarter – is returning to Kickstarter to launch their next generation product, the BedJet 3.

Kickstarters can pre-order the most advanced version of the award winning BedJet, completely redesigned and upgraded with new features and cutting-edge technology. The BedJet 3 is already in beta testing and new features include: Amazon Alexa and Smart Home connectivity. Control your sleep comfort by voice and integrate with all sorts of cool platforms enabled by the new wifi chip in BedJet 3.

Smaller, sleeker new look. More features, more technology, same incredible cooling/warming performance in a much slimmer, low-profile design (30% smaller!)

Worlds most advanced color screen remote control for a bedding/sleep tech product. For folks who don’t like bringing their phones to bed to use our App to control the BedJets most advanced features, now everything (including the biorhythm sleep cycles) can be programmed via the new remote. There’s a new and improved App as well.

In the company’s prior Kickstarter run in 2015, the BedJet v2 pre-order campaign blazed past the $1 million dollar mark in only 28 days to close as one of Top 25 Tech Kickstarter campaigns of all time. After the overwhelming crowdfunding success, BedJet skyrocketed to the top as the number one customer ranked product in the entire mattress category on all of Amazon, and the top selling cooling and heating product in America for beds. BedJet is a technology start-up that is re-inventing and improving the sleep experience with advanced technology and proven medical sleep science. Based in Newport, R.I., the company was founded in 2013 by inventor and former NASA space suit engineer Mark Aramli. For more information, visit

You can get a Single Zone BedJet 3 through the Kickstarter for just $229.

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