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Rocketbook with new note taking advances

Rocketbook has launched three new OCR features in the Rocketbook app that will optimize user experience, including email transcription.

Email Transcription: For the first time, Rocketbook transcribe handwritten notes into text that can be sent as an email. Whether you use Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email provider - it’ll be much easier to search and send your notes now that they’re easily transcribed into text! Smart Titles: Currently, Rocketbook automatically titles notes with a generic code like "RB 2018-07-01 21.41.33.pdf.” Thanks to the new Rocketbook app features, if you write two hashtags at the start and end of the title you want on the page, the app will magically recognize this as your file name. Smart Search: With this feature, users are able to search scans within the Rocketbook app. Smart Search allows you to sift through your handwritten notes in the app in milliseconds, just like you would on the web.

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