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Portable grills, perfect for tailgating

Traeger Grills, inventor of the wood pellet grill, today announced the release of the Ranger and Scout grills. Designed to give users signature Traeger wood-fired flavor and convenience on the go, these grills are both portable and powerful, arriving just in time for the camping and outdoor travel season.

"With Ranger and Scout we are combining the versatility of Traeger's larger wood pellet grills with the convenience of a portable option," said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills. "Cooking away from home shouldn't mean you have to compromise on taste. We want users to be able to enjoy amazing Traeger food anywhere they go, whether it's RVing, tailgating, or camping." Ranger As the premier model of Traeger's portable series, the Ranger offers a host of impressive features for the ultimate travel-sized grilling experience. The grill comes with an eight-pound hopper capacity allowing for longer cooks with larger cuts of meat, including ribs, tri-tip and more. It also features Traeger's new Digital Arc Controller, allowing temperatures to be set in five-degree increments for precise temperature control, and lets consumers fully take advantage of Traeger's 6-in-1 versatility in a small, portable unit. Combine this with Traeger's Advanced Grilling Logic® and the result is incredibly consistent cooks every time. It even includes a Keep Warm Mode to ensure food is "hot-off-the-grill" no matter when it is served. Each Ranger grill comes with a cast iron griddle, adding more versatility to the cooking experience and allowing users to cook eggs or pancakes on their grill for breakfast.

Scout This grill makes cooking with wood-fired flavor quick and easy wherever consumers take it. The Scout includes a Digital Pro Controller, allowing users to set the temperature in 25-degree increments, and the added meat probe makes it easy to check meat temperatures without lifting the lid. And there's plenty of room for food, this grill can hold enough burgers, hot dogs, and chicken to feed the whole family.

Pricing for the latest portable models places the Ranger at $399.99 and the Scout at $299.99. Both are available at Traeger dealers and online. For more information about Traeger Grills' complete product line and to learn more about the wood-fired difference, visit the Traeger website.

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